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Required Travel Documents
Travel Documents Required At Entebbe

Required Travel Documents – Airports are bustling places where travelers from all over the world come and go on a daily basis. To ensure the safety and security of passengers, airport authorities require certain documents to be presented before allowing passengers to board their flights. These documents are important not only for security purposes but also for the smooth operation of the airport.

Required Travel Documents

Uganda, known as the Pearl of Africa, is a highly sought-after destination in the eastern region of the continent. Thousands of travelers arrive daily at Entebbe Airport, the country’s only entry point, to experience this remarkable travel spot. To gain entry to Uganda, travelers must ensure they have the required travel documents required by the country. Please review the list of required documents below before departing for your trip.

  • Passport

To enter Uganda, it is imperative that your passport is valid and contains your name, country of origin, photo, and other essential details. It’s worth noting that in Uganda, a passport is considered valid only when it has at least six months remaining until its expiration from the date of entry. Be sure to check your passport’s expiration date before embarking on your journey to Uganda to avoid any travel disruption.

International travel documents
  • Uganda Visa

One of the required travel documents  granting you permission to enter the country is required for travel to Uganda. To avoid any issues, it is recommended that you apply for the Uganda Visa online before your travel date or visit a consulate in your home country. It’s worth noting that obtaining the necessary travel document (Visa) upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport is no longer possible as Uganda no longer issues visas on arrival due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For further information on obtaining the necessary documents for travel to Uganda, please refer to this guide.

uganda visa requirements
  • Yellow fever & Covid-19 PCR test / Vaccination card

In addition to the yellow fever vaccination card, all incoming travelers to Uganda must present a negative PCR Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival from a recognized laboratory. However, for individuals who have completed their full Covid-19 immunization, they are permitted to present their issued certificate upon entry. It is important to note that compliance with these entry requirements is mandatory for all travelers to Uganda.

Yellow fever card Uganda
  • Traveler Health Declaration Code

Starting from October 27th, 2022, all individuals traveling to Uganda via Entebbe Airport or other border points are required to complete an online traveler health declaration form and submit it to the Ministry of Health. It is mandatory to submit the form within 24 hours of your flight time. Upon submission, the relevant officials will review and approve it, then send a QR code to your email. It is essential to print the QR code and present it to the staff at any point of entry into Uganda. Compliance with this requirement is mandatory for all travelers to Uganda.


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