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Family Safari Rental Cars
Recommended Family Safari Rental Cars

Family Safari Rental Cars – Traveling with your family can be an exciting experience. However, many times, children are left out of the planning process when it comes to safaris, even though they too have a desire to explore and discover new things. If you are planning your next safari holiday in Africa, particularly in Uganda, ensure that you select a comfortable and reliable 4×4 vehicle from our wide range of options available family safari rental cars for hire. This will ensure that you have a memorable experience while exploring Uganda’s remote and protected areas.

Family Safari Rental Cars

When selecting  family safari rental cars, consider renting one with ample seating to accommodate all family members. It should also be safe, reliable, comfortable, and fuel-efficient. As you plan your family trip in Uganda, be sure to thoroughly research the car rental company you choose to deal with. While there are many companies offering similar services, we offer a variety of fleets that are perfect for family trips.

  • Land Cruiser Prado For Hire

The Land Cruiser Prado is an ideal choice for family trips of approximately six individuals. With its ample space, comfortable seating, and complete array of travel aids, this vehicle is designed to make your journey effortless. Equipped with FM radio station, MP3 and CD player, and air conditioner, it provides all the necessary features to ensure your comfort. Whether you’re planning a self-drive safari, guided tour, wedding, conference, or airport transfer, the Land Cruiser Prado is the perfect choice.

Family safari Rental Car
  • Toyota super custom For Hire

The Toyota Super Custom vans are highly regarded and in high demand as safari vehicles for family vacations in Uganda. These vans are equipped with 9 seats and are tailored for wildlife safaris with features such as the pop-up roof, which offers ideal views of the savanna national parks. The Toyota super custom has top-notch air conditioning units both in the front and rear, and a spacious boot that accommodates all your luggage. Additionally, the Toyota super custom is a 4×4 van, capable of navigating even the remotest roads in Uganda.

super custom for hire
  • Safari Land Cruiser For Hire

If you’re considering embarking on a wildlife safari in Uganda, such as in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, or Kidepo Valley National Park, among others, the safari land cruiser is an excellent option. This four-wheel drive vehicle is specifically designed for African safaris and outdoor camping and can accommodate up to seven passengers.

land cruiser V8-GX-top tent for hire
  • Safari minivan For Hire

The Safari minivan is an ideal choice for sightseeing vacations, especially for wildlife safaris in Uganda. With its pop-up roof, it can accommodate up to 9 to 15 visitors, providing them with an excellent view of their surroundings. Moreover, the minivan is equipped with top-of-the-line air conditioners and comfortable seats to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The vehicle also offers ample cargo space in both the rear and roof top, making it a practical choice for longer trips.

hiace for rent
  • Coaster minibus For Hire

If you’re organizing a wedding, introduction ceremony, or a company retreat, the Coaster minibus is an ideal choice. It’s perfect for Ugandan safaris and comes with a professional driver guide who has ample knowledge of Uganda’s attractions.

coaster-bus for hire Uganda
  • Saloon Car For Hire

A saloon car is a compact passenger vehicle that features a three-box body style, with distinct compartments for the engine, passenger seating, and cargo. The vehicle typically has rows of seats that provide sufficient space for luggage in the rear compartment. With its four doors, a saloon car can accommodate four or more passengers, making it an excellent choice for various occasions such as city tours, family safaris, weddings, parties, events, and conference meetings.

saloon car for hire

Car rental services offer the option to travel in luxurious or well-maintained vehicles equipped with a variety of amenities such as comfortable and spacious seating, drink holders, large storage spaces, and even music players. Some 4×4 cars may even come equipped with refrigerators and camping gear, depending on your budget and interests. Given the benefits of car rental services, We strongly recommend their use for both business and vacation travel in Kampala and throughout Uganda.


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