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About Maromi


A Rental Car Agency based in Kampala Uganda (Maromi Car Rentals). We are a well established travel & rental car agency in this region specializing in Affordable and Reliable car rental services in Uganda. We offer self drive car services in Uganda which allows our clients to choose from our collection of brands of self drive cars in Uganda.


As reliable rental car agency, We will honor all commitments to our customers, employees and shareholders. We will conduct business with unwavering high standards of honesty, trust, professionalism and ethical behavior. We will communicate openly and frequently, sharing what we know, when we know it. Each driver employed by MAROMI Investments has a cell-phone that is duly activated.
As reliable rental car agency, We will place the interests of our customers first and deliver quality work for their benefit. All vehicles are in good mechanical condition with very high maintenance standards. We will provide a rental experience that ensures customer satisfaction and earns the confidence and trust of our customers. All vehicles have a fire extinguisher, two triangles, jack, wheel spanners, jumper leads, three point safety belts for each seat, reverse/warning lights and buzzer, and a fleet monitoring system. We will ensure that "We will provide the Best" philosophy underlies everything we do and resonates through in our service to customers. We invite you to contact our office or +256-777-750018 or +256-712-750018 regarding a discussion on your rental. We care each day about how our job affects the quality of the MAROMI product
As reliable rental car agency, We will treat each person with whom we work with respect, professionalism and dignity. We believe in creating a friendly car rental experience for customers and employees alike. We will communicate expectations to employees, and provide honest and timely feedback on performance. We have deep pride in who we are and how we work. We are committed to a well-maintained, safe and presentable workplace.
Rental Car Agency

As  a reliable rental car agency and car hire company, we seek to provide innovative transport, tour and travel solutions to individuals and companies looking to rent a car in Uganda for short or long term use. From a small vehicle for daily rentals or a fleet of trucks to meet corporate requirements, customers can be confident of finding a tailor-made solution to their needs and budgets. we have a wide range of cars from SUVs, Single and Double Cab Trucks, Family & Luxury Cars, etc.

Self Drive
Maromi enables you to explore magical Uganda at your own pace. Our self drive cars for hire are fully serviced and comprehensively insured and provided on unlimited mileage to offer you an opportunity to discover Uganda (The Pearl).
Group Car Hire
Traveling to Uganda, Maromi Rental Car Agency offers cheap cars for group tours in Uganda. Our group cars for hire comes with a driver guide who is experienced and well acquitted with all information of most of the happenings in the Pearl of Africa.
Safari Car Rentals
Heading to a wilderness destination in Uganda, we have the best 4×4 cars for hire for safaris holidays in Uganda. Our safari vehicles are customized to take you to any game park and driven by the most experienced tour guides in Uganda.

Frequent Question

You need to show a valid driving license and an ID/Passport during car handover process. The documents are to be shown in original and copies for office use. In case driving license/ Passport fail the necessary validations, Marimo Rental Car Agency reserves the right to refuse car handover at any point of time.

Yes. Our cars are comprehensively insured.

What is not covered under Maromi cover?

  • Over speeding penalty.
  • Penalties in case of accident.
  • Traffic tickets
  • Committing Illegal activities.
  • Car returned with less fuel
  • Car accessories (OEM fitted).
  • Vehicle abuse cases like clutch, brake pad excess worn out, usage of Electrical items when car is not running and any driver negligence.
  • Accident claims rejected on account of wrong declaration of details at the time of booking, due to unauthorized usage of vehicles

We have a 24 hour road side assist partner who will come to your rescue at any time and  yes, You will rent the car on a full tank, which must be returned on a full tank upon expiry of the hire.

What Customers Say

I have rented from Maromi Rental Agency on three occasions now and it has worked out great each time. The cars were all reliable and well maintained and the price was very reasonable for the cars I have rented. Will definitely continue using them when I travel to Uganda.
Denis Bazalirwa
I rented a full size SUV for 10 days. Maggie and the team provided an excellent car, but what stood them apart was the efficient communication before and during the hiring of the car. I would use Maromi Rental Car Agency again and recommend others to do the same.
Richard Holmes
I rented a Land Cruiser Prado from Marimo Investments for about two weeks during my regular 256 visits. The car was clean and in excellent condition, staff was amicable and helpful. my experience with theme was so perfect I will be going back in the future when the need arises. Highly recommended
Nick G
We rented a car during our holiday in Uganda. We were impressed by the service provided by Maromi Rental Car Agency in Kampala. The car was in very good condition, and the admin process around the hiring could be done by email and went very smooth. We will for sure rent from them again next time!
Nick G