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Hire A Land cruiser
Why Hire A Land Cruiser 4×4

Hire A land Cruiser – 4×4 Land Cruisers  are the most popular transport option for safaris. Maromi Car Rentals has an extensive fleet of well-maintained Land Cruisers for hire that are perfect for a host of tours. You can hire a 4×4 in Uganda for 5 or more people. Our rental services include a skilled and experienced driver guide.

Hire A Land Cruiser In Uganda

We recommend that you hire a land cruiser for your safari – You don’t have to limit yourself to popular tourist destinations to have an enriching safari experience. Instead, you can choose to explore remote and lesser-known locations. When you hire a Land Cruiser, you have the freedom to go anywhere you desire. These vehicles are equipped with four-wheel drive, making them capable of handling rough terrains with ease.

When it comes to renting a safari vehicle, our selling points should not be the only determinants. 4×4 Land Cruisers are preferred for travel for various reasons.

  • Off Track Kings

The Land Cruiser is specifically designed to navigate the challenging terrain of East African roads. Its high suspension ensures that you can clear rugged paths with ease, without incurring any damage. You can therefore have peace of mind, knowing that you will enjoy a smooth ride, no matter how challenging the roads may be.

Proper preparation is crucial when venturing off-road to avoid any unpleasant surprises during your trip. Renting a Land Cruiser is the ideal way to ensure that you are well-prepared. These vehicles come equipped with a high-capacity fuel tank, providing uninterrupted trips and eliminating the need for frequent refueling stops.

  • Comfortable Safari Rental Cars

When hiring a vehicle to take you around various safari attractions, it’s essential to prioritize comfort. The Land Cruiser is an excellent choice as it provides a comfortable interior regardless of the number of passengers. Its large size allows for a spacious cabin, providing ample room to stretch out and enjoy the safari experience.

Customized safari vans have an extended chassis, which provides passengers with plenty of legroom to stretch out comfortably. This is particularly useful on long journeys where you may want to take a nap. The reclining seats in these vans ensure that you don’t wake up with a stiff neck. Additionally, the spacious interior provides ample room to store your essentials, ensuring that you have everything you need for an enjoyable safari experience.

  • Exceptional Safari Views

The most significant advantage of the safari Land Cruiser is arguably the opportunity to witness attractions without having to exit the vehicle. Even in an 8-seater, every passenger is equipped with a sliding window, allowing for effortless viewing of wildlife and scenery from the comfort of their own seat.

On the other hand, utilizing the pop-up roof grants you the ability to observe 360-degree views. Once the Land Cruiser is stationed at a prime location, the rooftop’s open area enables you to take in everything from a secure distance. This feature is especially beneficial for wildlife photography, as you can arrange your equipment on the roof for unobstructed shots. Depending on the vehicle’s size, the sunroof can fit up to three to four individuals comfortably.

You have the option of renting Land Cruisers with custom canvas windows for your photo tours. These windows can remain open during drives, providing you with the opportunity to capture various scenes. Additionally, you can easily lower the canvas if it starts raining, becomes excessively hot, or if the environment is too dusty.

  • Land cruisers are spacious Safari Rental Cars

The Safari Land Cruiser offers ample storage capacity, which makes it an ideal choice for excursions such as camping, mountain climbing, and hiking. In case your itinerary involves carrying a range of items, such as camping gear, photography equipment, or climbing tools, a vehicle with generous storage space is a necessity.

The 4×4 vehicle allows you to bring all the necessary items for your Safari trip without any concerns about storage. Therefore, you have no reason to not bring the appropriate equipment.

The Safari land cruiser is the ideal 4×4 car to hire for park safaris, camping trips, filming, photography as well as projects. We offer you the option to hire a land cruiser along with a well-trained driver guide but if you prefer self drive, then that can be arranged as well based on your driving experience.


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